Ife is the Group Executive Officer and a member of the executive management team. She has extensive commercial experience covering Legal practice, Strategic Management and Corporate finance especially within Business Development, Change Management and Information Technology across industry sectors such as Investment Banking, Financial Regulation, Insurance, Mortgages, Education, Retail, and Aviation.

She was engaged as a Consultant with the Financial Services Authority (The UK Financial regulator), analyzing control deficiencies in systems and business processes. Prior to that, she worked at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBOS), where she supported the implementation of Wall Street Systems for the RBOS FX and Money Markets division. Ife was also with Lehman Brothers, leading a technology team in loan and mortgage products and services.

She is an erudite lawyer with focus on investment services, risk management, regulatory compliance and corporate services. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, and a Masters in Law specializing in International Trade and Transport from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

She sits on the boards of Kedari Capital Limited, First Atlantic Asset Management and Kedari Ghana Limited.


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