Kedari Capital has designed its Risk Management services for Business Solution delivery. The peculiarities of our clients’ businesses are top consideration in designing and implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) frameworks. Our local and international experience in Risk Management Solution delivery has enabled us undertake big-ticket projects and transactions.

Design & Implementation of ERM Framework

The firm has demonstrated excellence in handling the design and implementation of ERM frameworks. Our approach considers industries specifics and organizations’ unique values relative to global best practices, regulatory standards, and business philosophy. We partner with our clients in creating an understanding on various ERM concepts and deploy the best resources for implementation, while ensuring that organizational development and sustainability are not compromised.

ERM Audit

The effectiveness of ERM framework and its impacts on business should be reviewed periodically. Our approach to ERM Audit is to ensure that the framework is consistent with corporate strategy, culture, goals, missions, and vision. We conduct independent diagnoses aimed at identifying the gaps that exist between the framework and business goals and/or strategies.

ERM Automation

Business processes require efficiency and resource optimization. ERM automation enables businesses identify, analyze and monitor risk in products, processes, and people. The accuracy and precision of reporting will enable stakeholders make decisions and also become proactive in business solutions delivery.

ERM Training

Our ERM Trainings are research-based and value-driven for our clients and for participants. Our approach to training is practical for both participants and the organization. We offer trainings in Financial and Non-Financial Risk Management. Our in-plant and open trainings are designed to address clients’ business model, business needs, and regulatory requirements.

Risk Management Due Diligence

Organizations may require a thorough analysis or due diligence for investment, business relationship, decision making, or regulatory purposes. We have designed tools to enable our clients rely on our advice from conducting due diligence on process, people, business structure, strategy, business location, governance, and other elements that contribute to organizational performance and sustainability.

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