Kedari Exchange is an online platform through which clients can independently purchase, sell and monitor their shares. The platform uses a web-based interface to link investors with the trading platform of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. It is completely secure, user-friendly, and operates in real-time. This value-added service for our distinguished clients has the following features:

Market Overview

This feature allows our clients to view the Nigerian equities market at a glance. The market-wide interface helps client view all the equities listed in the market by volume, value, previous and current prices.

Order Book

This feature enables clients view specific equities listing by price, quantity on Bid/Offer and number of Orders. Our esteemed clients can use the information provided by this feature to immediately analyze the trading position of a particular equity.

Execution Platform

This feature serves as a link between the web interface and the Nigerian Stock Exchange trading link. Through our Execution platform, our clients can trade Nigerian equities directly from their homes or offices by a single click. The execution platform comes with two options: 1) Controlled environment; 2) Uncontrolled environment. The Controlled environment allows Kedari Capital to vet trade inputs made by clients before such input (trade order) can be executed, while the uncontrolled environment prevents Kedari Capital from vetting inputs made by clients. Hence, any trade order initiated using the uncontrolled environment will be filled immediately.

Portfolio Monitoring

Kedari Exchange also performs other tasks such as automatic dissemination of contract notes, client portfolio valuation, and return monitoring. This ensures that investors are continually in tune with their investment holdings. This feature also prevents unauthorized actions on clients’ portfolios.

Robust Risk Management (RM) framework

Kedari Exchange has a very robust risk management platform which preserves the integrity of system configurations. Our RM prevents unauthorized changes to administrative privileges and ensures strict adherence to agreed information technology (IT) nomenclatures thereby validating trades executed through the platform in line with the Nigerian Stock Exchange Minimum Operating Standards (NSE MOS).

If have obtained your unique username and access code, please free to

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